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Question content and test functions

Performance tracking

How do I register for an account?
We are no longer accepting new users for PanceMaster. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years!
How long does my subscription last?
PANCE Subscriptions are intended for PA students. We've tried to make PanceMaster an affordable study tool for our rising PA's and therefore a PANCE subscription lasts until a student takes and passes their PANCE.

Both PANRE and PANRE+CME subscriptions last for a full year from the date you sign up! This gives you plenty of time to study for your PANRE and earn the SA-CME that you need to maintain certification.
What if I change my exam date?
The countdown of days until your exam can be easily changed from the page, just click on the gray number as shown in the image.
What do I do if I fail my exam?
Use the Contact Us page to inform us and to inquire about extending your PanceMaster subscription or obtaining a refund. We’ll help you through this process and provide you with some targeted study tips to help as you prepare to take the exam again.
How does the money back guarantee work?
If you complete all PanceMaster questions prior to your exam date and fail to pass (proof is required), we will refund your money and allow you to continue to use PanceMaster free of charge until you pass your exam.
What do I do if the website doesn’t seem to be working right (not loading, going slow, acting funny, etc)?
Sometimes there are issues with websites, we’ve all experienced this. We suggest doing a few things first to make sure the problem isn’t on your end. Use the steps below, and if this doesn’t resolve your problem then contact us directly.
  1. Clear your cache
  2. Restart your browser
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Start PanceMaster and try again
  5. If problems persist, contact us and be sure to include what browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox) and version that you are using to access PanceMaster.
What if I can’t login?
If you are unable to login successfully, please use the Forgot your password? link located on the login screen. If you still have issues logging in after this, then contact us directly.
What if a test function doesn’t seem to be working (marked question, notes, selecting missed questions, etc)?
Use the contact us page to write and give us a detailed description of the problem that you’re experiencing. We’ll work with our IT team to resolve any problem as quickly as possible.
What if I don’t feel that my overall percentage is showing up correctly on the page?
You may have taken only Tutor mode tests. Tutor mode test results are not displayed on the page as this is meant to be a snapshot of how you are performing on Timed tests.
What if I feel that a question is miskeyed or is incorrect?
As any program or test is developed there may be mistakes that slip by, even with the most careful attention. We acknowledge this, and would invite you to visit the contact page and send us a message. Please be sure to include the question ID (QID) that can be found when you review your test from the test analysis page. Once we’ve received your message, it will be discussed at our regular review committee meeting and we’ll get back to you.
What is the purpose of the “notes” feature that I’ve noticed as I’ve been taking tests?
This is an added feature to enhance your study if you wish to use it. With each question you are able to add notes that will be stored and accessible each time you see that question. We would suggest that you use it to recall other important information about the certain diagnosis or topic to which that question pertains. This feature is NOT available while taking the PANCE/PANRE, though testing centers will usually provide you with a white board to use to make notes during your exam (i.e. question to come back to once you’ve finished, calculations, etc.).
I would like to reset my test performance, is this possible?
Some users decide that they’d like to get a fresh start with question performance tracking in certain situations (e.g. last week before the exam, having failed and are studying to retake exam) If you would like to reset the performance data on your account, contact us directly through the Contact Us page and we’ll assist you in this process. Note: students who have their subscription provided through their university may not have this option, and should check with your PA program prior to contacting us about this possibility.
What if I have taken a few tests, and the overall performance isn’t showing up correctly on the page?
You may have taken only Tutor mode tests. Tutor mode test results are not displayed on the page as this is meant to be a snapshot of how you are performing on Timed tests.